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From explainer videos to automated product videos, video ads and retargeting videos or even personalized video campaigns – ClipVilla is your partner when it comes to online video content. With our own video- and sophisticated hosting-technology we are able to map your individual video needs and projects.

ClipVilla is a full service video company. We offer an APi to our technology for fully incorporated video rendering solutions into your systems as well as the conventional, manual video creations such as filming and animation.

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Product Videos

We produce videos from a simple datafeed.
Looking for an affordable yet high-quality way to equip your onlineshop with videos? Our template-based technology is the perfect solution. We create a video template in your corporate design and produce thousands of videos from your product data in no time.

Personalized Videos

Increase customer loyalty with personalized videos.
Show your customers appreciation with a personal birthday serenade or a customized retargeting video. All that is possible with personalized video.

Video Ads

We design video ads that convert – in various variations.
Not only can we design video ads customized to your goals but also display them in several variations to give you the freedom to improve your campaign at any stage and adjust it for different target audiences.

Videos for Corporate Communication

Present your company in the right light.
If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is priceless.
Some business models or services are easier to be explained visually. A video can help sum up the most important points and understand complex connections.

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